Rockpooling Guide: everything you need to know

We are so lucky to have some simply stunning intertidal rockpools in Melbourne for families to explore and having lived and worked at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary for nearly 10 years, it gives me immense pleasure seeing families discovering the rockpools there. As a marine biologist, regular snorkeler and Eco Explorers facilitator, I’m passionate about supporting families to rockpool safely…

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Mornington Peninsula Forest School Snake Safety

Stop! Freeze! Yell ‘SNAKE’ and walk backwards slowly if safe. Bush safety education and awareness is an important part of our Forest school program and our Mornington Peninsula Forest School kids had a wonderful opportunity to put this into practice when a large brown snake was recently spotted by some walkers crossing the path they take to the waters edge.…

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Connecting to trees and why it’s important for all ages

I have always been drawn to trees. I grew up in Melbourne, on a large suburban block. The backyard was filled with these spectacular towering Gum trees and a storybook Weeping Willow. The front yard had a Liquidambar that would burst into glorious autumn colour every year. The first home I purchased had a flowering Gum as centrepiece of the…

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Risky play at Forest School

Risky Play the Forest School way!

We hear a lot about the importance of risky play (which we love to refer to as adventurous play!) these days in an age where supervision and safety are deemed paramount. Ironically it may be safer now than in the early 1900s, but a rapid increase in news means our ‘fight or flight’ as parent’s is hugely and constantly heightened.…

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Nature Play Week

Nature Play Week 2024 will run from April 8 – 18th with over 100 nature play events and activities in Victoria for families to participate in! Nature Play Week celebrates initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors. Something that we are very passionate about. At Eco Explorers, we are passionate about nature play for…

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12 Amazing Rock Pools to Visit in Victoria

Rock pools are amazing places to explore with children and there’s no summer holiday that’s complete without a rock pool ramble! With endless shorelines to explore and a huge diversity of marine life living in one of the worlds most pristine waters, Victoria has some spectacular rock pools to discover. From migratory whales to tiny seahorses, and the underwater gardens…

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Dirt play kids

A little dirt never hurt anyone!

Why I should let my child play in dirt … in fact, it can help the little ones greatly. You may be aware of the immune-boosting benefits of playing dirt in early childhood. One study concludes that children aged 3-5 who had interacted heavily with healthy soils had higher levels of anti-inflammatory proteins in their blood, contributing to healthier immune…

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The importance of sensory play in early childhood

Babies are naturally curious and the outdoors awakens their senses like no other environment. Have you ever watched a baby laying back on a mat and looking up at the trees swaying above them? The wind on their face, listening to the sounds of birds and other children playing nearby. They are learning and taking it all in and these…

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Listening to birds

Listening to birds …. Growing up as a child in the bush, I was very attuned to bird calls and their meanings and would often sit and watch the wedge-tailed eagles as they flew down to catch their prey. What a spectacular sight that was! Birds are highly important and respected to the first people of Australia. For the Kulin…

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