15 Kid Friendly Bush Walks in Victoria

What makes a great outdoor adventure for kids? Trees? Rocks? Beaches? Nature play? Wildlife? Yes, yes, yes! We have all these and more covered in our list of must-do bush walks and nature play spaces to explore with kids. Encompassing a variety of habitats and nature play experiences throughout the state, you’re certain to find the perfect adventure for your…

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Earth day

25 Activities to do with your child for EARTH DAY!

Planet Earth is our home, and it’s the only planet we have, so we need to take care of it. Caring for our planet starts in your own home and it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can make small daily changes with your children to make a difference. How can you help? How can you help build…

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Explore the Mornington Peninsula with Kids

We love heading down to the Mornington Peninsula for a sea break with the kids and will often head down on the school holidays and visit our favourite beaches (Sorrento!), cafes, parks and shops.  There are so many places I could have added but these are pretty much our go to places when we are there and the kids have…

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River Water Safety with Kids

Trigger warning: The following article may cause distress for some readers with past distressing experiences in water. Please exercise caution in reading this article and seek support if required. Today I watched a 5 year old boy almost drown in a waterhole. It scared me both as a parent, and as a swim instructor, because it so easily could have been prevented. Thankfully…

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Snake Safety in the Bush with Kids

Snakes are simply a part of the Australian bush and there seems to be more and more sightings of snakes near creeks and on bike paths where families tread regularly. But as much as we might fear them, snakes aren’t out there waiting to attack us. They are generally doing their own thing (basking in the sun!) and will only…

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5 Must See, Kid Friendly Places to Visit in Noojee!

  A few months ago, we spent a month living in Noojee and although we initially had no idea where Noojee was at first, we were amazed as it’s beauty and that it had so many wonderful walks and places of interest to offer. If you are looking for a nice Sunday drive with the family then Noojee is only…

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redwood forest dragons nest

Dragon nests at Redwood Forest, Warburton!

If you are looking for somewhere out of Melbourne to spend the day with your kids and don’t mind a drive, then head to the magnificent Redwood Forest in Warburton. Absolutely magical is how I would describe this forest! We’ve visited many National Parks but the Redwood Forest in Warburton is a stand out because it is so different to…

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Homeschool Travel

Homeschool, travel and nature play around Australia!

Last week, the majority of Australian school-aged children went back to school, but for us it was a different story. We have started a new life, with new dreams. We have embarked on a year-long adventure of travelling and homeschooling our three children aged 3, 4 and 9 years. It will take us all around Australia where we’ll be house…

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Tips Camping With Kids

Top Tips for Camping with Kids

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, many families begin to drift outdoors in search of adventure. Some even pack a tent and make a night of it! If you’re one of the thousands of families around the country going camping this summer, we’ve compiled our top six tips for making camping with kids an enjoyable experience…

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