Bush Kinder / Bush School Incursion & Excursions

Nature Play events, Bush Kinder excursions and incursions and Bush School Camps and workshops

Who we are

At Eco Explorers we offer hands-on investigative play and outdoor learning experiences that ignite children’s curiosity, inspire creativity, and develop confidence in the outdoors while learning real life skills. 

Research has shown that the benefits of spending time in nature includes developing and strengthening fine motor, gross motor, balance, and coordination skills. Decreasing stress and improving well-being, raising awareness of connection to country and culture and increasing empathy and custodianship towards others.

We design our programs with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) concepts and the Victorian curriculum in mind. 

Bush Kinder and Bush School incursions/excursions nurture children’s love and care for the environment and are run by our team of experienced facilitators, who stimulate inquiry and support learning experiences by observing children’s interests in the varied encounters available in our rich natural settings.  

The incursions/excursions are child focused and child led and we support and acknowledge the importance of children’s developing relationships with family, community, place and culture.

We encourage the children to use their bodies, consider and look after others and eventually learn how to assess their own risks and take risks that help them develop into resilient and capable children.

What we provide
  • As a Parks Victoria tour operator access to use National Parks and some council and other parks/bush sites
  • A site assessment, benefit risk assessment
  • Planned nature experiences and a trained Eco Explorers facilitator 
  • An introduction to bush safety
  • Building and constructing using loose parts
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Early literacy through storytelling, songs and journaling
  • Early numeracy through hands on learning opportunities
  • Connecting to our First People through stories, songs and activities
  • Becoming custodians of the natural world
We focus on:
  • Children’s social needs
  • Safety
  • Wildlife awareness
  • Relationship building: between children and facilitators
  • Sustainable practices: sharing and caring for the Bush Kindy/school space

Day Bush School camps are available for Primary School aged and Secondary School children. For school and early childhood services excursions and incursions, educators/teachers are required to stay and are responsible for supervision of the children at all times. 

Program Times

Our programs are offered in Melbourne throughout the year (not on public holidays) and are available at any of our current locations or at a park or bushland near you. 

We offer 3 hour to full day experiences based on the age and type of activities offered.  

How to book?

Booking requests can be made via the online booking request form here. Once you fill out an online enquiry, we will send you our excursion / incursion information pack. Then a member of our  team will be in touch to discuss any other details and confirm your booking. 

Bush Kinder and Bush School Incursions / Excursions

Eco Explorers Australia offers 3-hour Bush Kinder / Bush School excursions to centres, services, community groups and schools which run from anywhere from 3 weeks (minimum booking) or a full term.

These programs are suitable for 3 – 12 year old’s and can be adapted to suit your individual curriculum and learning needs. Read about our weekly Bush School program at Christmas Hills Primary School here.

The groups will meet at one of our designated bushland reserves which are rich in Australian flora and fauna, or we can meet at your centre or school if you have a suitable outdoor/natural space. Contact us about your requirements via our booking form here and we can chat about your needs.

We are now taking bookings for bush kinder and bush school excursions for 2024!