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Eco Explorers provides a child led and highly enriched sensory and outdoor bush program for children and families of all ages.

Our program has been developed to ignite your child's sense of curiosity, imagination and creativity through hands on learning activities that support your child's development, social skills and physical development through movement and exercise.

At Eco Explorers, we have a strong focus on sustainability and connecting to our land by learning about first nations people and through our programs, we hope to inspire the next generation of eco warriors.

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The importance of sensory play in early childhood

Did you know that babies learn about their world through their senses? Nature can provide all the learning babies need. Incredibly, nature play is the ultimate sensory experience for your baby. As parents, we may often feel pressured to buy toys that will help enhance our child’s development. We don’t need them all. We can provide natural, low cost activities…


50 Outdoor Play Ideas on Rainy Days

‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’ Sir Ranulph Fiennes once said and this quote is pretty much what we stand for here at Eco Explorers. Playing outdoors in the rain provides many learning opportunities for children and exposes them to different sensory experiences. Rain droplets, snails, puddles and wiggly worms are just a few nature’s treasures…

outdoor learning nature play

Bush Schools in Australia – why we should all consider taking learning outdoors?

Nature can be daring and it can be silent. It can be wild or gentle, gloomy or glorious. There is no one way, to be in nature. Patterns come and go, just like ‘we’ change from one moment to another. Our children sense this intuitively and crave the freedom for total immersion in their play and learning, especially now in…