Every child deserves a childhood filled with outdoor adventures and we’ve developed a program that not only inspires children to get outdoors more but to also become our future eco warriors.

Little wild warriors is for anyone that wants to embrace outdoor play every day! Our online program incorporates sustainability, Indigenous perspectives, creativity and imaginative play, early numeracy and literacy in nature, bush skills, storytelling, songs and printed educational materials, as well as daily videos to connect with you.

Getting outdoors with your child is such an essential part of a healthy childhood and more important than ever so we’re here to help you so you don’t have to do it alone. Developed by a team of highly experienced and professional teachers, early childhood educators, forest school leaders, artists, environmental and conservation experts who will be sharing loads of ideas, activities and learning online with you.

Included in our 6 week little wild warriors online program, are weekly emails (sent every Sunday evening) with links to the following:

  • PDF program
  • Song (video)
  • Storytelling (video)
  • Craft activities (PDF & video)
  • Bush learn and explore (video)
  • Mindfulness in nature (video)
  • Resources and further learning (PDF)
  • Private Facebook group to share, support and connect with you and your child
  • Pintable learning sheet to go with the weekly theme

And remember, you can watch and replay our videos over and over again anytime you want with the whole family or at your service!

At Eco Explorers, we value connection and time spent with our loved ones so we want to ensure that you feel supported and part of our online community where you can connect and interact with others. When you register, you will be given the link to join our private Facebook little wild warriors group.

Our program aims to support your child’s development and learning and encourages you to use everyday natural and recyclable resources found at home. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, we hope to inspire our next generation, our wild warriors to care for and learn about their environment.

Recommended for ages 2 – 8 years

Educational learning resource: Our program has also been developed by teachers and early childhood educators with the early years’ learning and developmental framework in mind.

Little Wild Warriors