Nature Scavenger Hunt Pack (10)

Want to encourage your kids to spend more time outside or perhaps take your home learning or kindergarten outdoors? We’ve created a bundle of hand-painted Australian themed nature scavenger hunts that you can keep on hand to use anytime you need ideas, inspiration and resources to help connect children to nature.

Regardless of where you are or what ages your children are, the thrill and excitement of an outdoor scavenger hunt never ceases to amaze and the possibilities for learning are endless.

Designed with Australian fora and fauna, each scavenger hunt has been beautifully hand-painted so not only is it a stunning resource to use in your learning environment (both home and classroom), it can also be used as inspiration for nature journaling, sketching and painting.

Included in this pack of 10 printables are;

        1. Sensory Scavenger hunt – focusing on the senses and 16 textures to find.
        2. Bug hunt – find 10 common bugs and insects in your backyard. A Bug ID chart and prompts for further learning.
        3. Leaf shape hunt – Focusing on shape recognition, see how many of the 7 different types of leaves you can find?
        4. Colour scavenger hunt – a watercolour painted colour wheel to take outside on your nature walks.
        5. Patterns in nature hunt – have you ever noticed all the different patterns in nature?
        6. Sky hunt – look up and what can you see?
        7. Creatures clues – what marks and tracks have the creatures left in your backyard?
        8. Nature scavenger hunt – this includes a variety of everyday things you may find outdoors.
        9. Counting scavenger hunt – how many things can you find? An early numeracy activity.
        10. Bird scavenger hunt – beautifully illustrated common birds to spot on your nature walk.
If you want to add some early literacy and story prompts then don’t forget to check out our ABC Backyard Safari cards which have been specifically designed to teach the alphabet, letters, writing, nature learning and illustration in the early years.

ABOUT THE ARTIST   Kate Rijs is an artist, qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher, Art Teacher and bush playgroup facilitator who is passionate about creativity and nurturing creativity and imagination in both children and adults. She believes that nature is the best classroom that there is.



Nature Scavenger Hunt cards – kids nature play learning printables

**COPYRIGHT: All rights reserved. This file is for personal use only and is not to be resold or used for personal profit/benefit.


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