Outdoor Adventure Challenge Cards

Beautifully illustrated and detailed, these downloadable/printable outdoor adventure activity cards come with 23 activities to keep your child busy in the outdoors. Using sticks, stones, leaves and the world around them to explore and learn. Are you ready for the outdoor challenge? Perhaps you can try a nature challenge per day!

Perfect for parents to share time with their child in nature, for children to do alone or for teachers to use as a teaching resource.

Recommended for ages 4 + (to 12 years)


About the artist 

Ashlee Hughes is an early childhood educator, artist, forest school leader and bush playgroup facilitator for Eco Explorers who is passionate about getting children outdoors in nature learning real bush skills.

Ashlee grew up in the bush in Warrandyte and lived the first 4 years of her life in the Papua New Guinea highlands. A real bush kid, and eco explorer, Ashlee has fond memories of playing in the mud and near rivers, building cubbies, and having a deep connection to the land and the animals.

These early connections have stayed with her for life and she can’t wait to be part of the next generation of eco explorers.



Note: no part of this product may be reproduced and re-sold, copyright of art lies with the artist Ashlee Hughes.