Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary, Flinders

Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary is a magically unique reef located at Flinders Ocean Beach. When the tide is low a huge mushroom shaped reef is revealed, with an abundance of sheltered bays and pools to explore the diverse array of marine life. The best time to explore the sanctuary is at low tide so be sure to check out Willy Weather for tide times here. 

Visiting Mushroom Reef Sanctuary with kids is a great opportunity to slow down and discover all the wonderful marine creatures that call it home. As you walk  down the beach towards the rockpools you will discover over 15 different species of seaweed and kelp. I wonder who lives amongst them in the ocean? Keep and eye out for some hooded plovers but remember to give them some space as they frighten easily and we don’t want them to abandon their nests.

Once on the rockpools, keep an eye out for crabs, sea stars, sea urchins and other creatures. The further out you walk on the rockpools you will find that there will be different creatures hiding amongst the rocks. A beautiful way to observe how small changes in environments can provide homes for a myriad of life.

You can identify marine creatures in the rockpools using our rockpool ID cards that you can download HERE. 

      1. Can you spot 10 different types of seaweed?
      2. How many crabs can you spot?
      3. Once you spot a sea star in the Rockpools you won’t be able to stop seeing them everywhere!
      4. Can you find the fossil cave?
      5. Can you spot the elusive Elephant snail, they are tricky to find!

Remember that Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary is a sanctuary, this means that it is protected. When visiting some things to remember are; don’t take anything home with you, do not use nets or buckets when finding creatures in the pools and be careful where you step. We want to keep this beautiful environment safe and sound. 

Eco Explorers runs a beach playgroup at Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary on Thursday mornings in term 1 2024. Find out more information or book your spot here. 

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Rockpooling with kids