ZOOMSCOPE Microscope


Discover nature and see how incredible this world looks under a microscope with our new Zoomscope Microscope. Perfect for any explorer!

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This children’s portable microscope comes with an illuminating torch, zoom from 20 to 40 magnification, an eye lens, an eyepiece and a mobile lens that allows you to vary the degree of magnifying power by turning a dial.

Children can observe any natural items, live or dead that is placed within it’s vision and brought into focus. Explore insects, leaves, plants, and even crystals, and hair!

Focus is obtained by rotating the microscope housing on the underlying funnel.

The Zoomscope allows two types of observation: if the material is transparent, it can be

Optics : 4 elements
Zoom : from 20 to 40
The portability allows the microscope to be used outside as well as a small bench-top microscope.

Includes: Two slides, instruction booklet
Made in Italy using ABS plastic.

Colours may vary: yellow, green, blue and red.

If you have a specific colour you want, please send us an email and we will try to fulfill it.

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