Forest School Adventure: Outdoor Skills and Play for Children


Learn how to light a fire without matches, build a shelter to sleep in, cook on a fire, hunt for bugs and much more!

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From essential bushcraft basics and Stone Age survival skills to joyful outdoor play, this book is packed with ideas to bring your little ones closer to nature and all its magical offerings.

Young children will be immersed in imaginative, messy play and crafts, while older ones can work on more complex activities like stone tool making and sourcing water. Whether in an organized setting, a group of friends or a family outing, the fun-filled games will build confidence, bonding and result in happy children. Entertaining anecdotes from the authors’ own experience of surviving in the wild can be read aloud to children, bringing to life the thrilling reality of sleeping in a cave or savoring your first-ever foraged meal.

Book features :

    • Aimed at parents, outdoor teachers or anyone passionate about getting back to basics.
    • Includes traditional Forest School activities and beyond.
    • Includes activities for older children who are ready to explore more involved primitive skills and bushcraft.
    • Four main sections cover: Bushcraft, Wild Food, Nature Awareness and Games.
    • Story spreads throughout the book share the authors’ own experiences of survival in the wild.
    • Outdoor learning boosts confidence and social skills in young children.
    • 250 photographs and 20 illustrations

Ages: 7+ Years

Pages: 176

Format: Paperback

Size: 26x 2.5 x 2cm

About the Author

Dan Westall and Naomi Walmsley run Outback2Basics from their patch of woodland in the UK. Specialising in bushcraft and Stone Age skills, they provide unique experiences for school children and teachers to connect to nature. Dan has been a bushcraft teacher for many years and has also acted as a medic and survial consultant on various TV shows. Naomi is a qualified bushcraft instructor and Forest School Leader and believes that every child should be able to safely light a fire and have at least ten uses for a stick by the age of ten. Together, they undertook a five-month Stone Age immersion experience in the US, living in the wilderness without any modern equipment, profoundly influencing their lives and teaching.