Paper Pot Maker


Paper Pot Maker

Make your own pots from recycled newspaper!


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A fantastic eco-friendly way to reduce landfill and unsightly plastic in your garden!
Say goodbye to jiffy pots and plastic pots, and stop newspapers from going into landfill.

This amazing paper pot maker, in seconds, makes pots for planting your veggies or plants in seconds, all you need is some newspaper!

When they are ready to be planted out, there is no need to remove the pot, the newspaper will biodegrade over time. Reducing the chance for damage to the roots and improving results for plant health. Supplied in a sturdy cardboard gift drum. The storage tube supplied is also handy to keep any left-over newspaper strips for next time.


  • Made from certified FSC timber
  • Handy instructions printed on the side of the box.



  1. To use simply cut paper into strips approx. 11cm x 60cm.
  2. Roll the paper loosely around the wooden cylinder three times with 3cm overhanging the end.
  3. Fold the overhanging paper into the cavity at the bottom of the cylinder.
  4. Press the wooden base plate & cylinder together allowing it to mould the paper into the base shape.
  5. Slide the paper off the cylinder and you have a completed pot ready for soil & seeds.