Insects Toy Play Set


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Do you have a child that loves bugs?! Now they can bring to life their favourite bugs to play with and recreate stories, habitats and landscapes discovered when outdoors. Use this play set for indoor or outdoor play in your garden, in the dirt, water, sand, playdough or anywhere really as they are 100% washable and practical! They are guaranteed to bring hours and hours of imaginative play.

This 10 piece insect collection in a poly bag is realistic, durable and made using high quality phthalate-free PVC.

This set includes the following insects: Praying Mantis, Monarch Butterfly, Rhinoceros Beetle, House Fly, Great Horned Beetle, Grasshopper, Blue Velvet Ant, Stink Bug, Cockroach, Common Ant

Size: between 7 – 12cm

Ages: 3+


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