Doreen Forest School ~ Primitive Tools

  •  19/01/2024
     9:00 am - 3:00 pm

It’s time to get kids off the screens and into our Forest School program these summer school holidays! Our Forest School introduces essential bush survival and bushcraft skills through hands on learning and nature-based activities that are fun, engaging and build confidence, resilience and most importantly encourage them to move and strengthen their bodies and connect with nature in a deep and meaningful way.

This workshop will be held in a beautiful nature play space at Laurimar Creek Reserve in Doreen.

Some of the activities that will be offered during this Forest School program are:

      • make a primitive tools using whittling knives, knots and stones
      • bushwalking,
      • tracking
      • navigation
      • construction with our loose parts (ropes and sticks)
      • how to tie rope knots
      • how to stay safe in the bush
      • snake awareness and safety
      • creating, crafting, making art with natural materials

The Forest School workshop is led by Adam

Adam is the founder of Eco Explorers and has been delivering bush programs to families for over six years. He spent his entire childhood living and camping in the bush; climbing mountains, exploring rivers, learning to fish, track, make fires and to simplify… just ‘being’ at one in nature. Adam now hopes to share his childhood & adult experiences with the next generation to inspire a deep connection with nature. He has a background in Outdoor Education and enjoys camping, bushcraft, rock climbing, and meditation.

Forest School Melbourne is an all-weather outdoor program so you need to make sure you bring appropriate weather protection and clothing.  Our program will only be cancelled in the event of an extreme weather warning; fire, storm, floods, high temperatures and strong wind.

Ages: 6-12 years

*This is a drop off session only. (Please contact us beforehand if your child has any additional needs)



Details Price Qty
Single child $100.00 (AUD)  
Sibling $95.00 (AUD)