Mindful in Nature Play Printables

Are you looking to bring some daily mindfulness into your life? Maybe some more fun and play ideas to inspire imaginative play outdoors with your child? These beautifully illustrated nature mindful in nature play ideas printables have been specially designed for little ones to inspire imaginative play and bring a little mindfulness into your daily life, using Australian animals and awareness of their senses as prompts.

‘Can you waddle like a wombat on your hands and knees? Try building your own cosy burrow using a play blanket and some sticks or chairs as the frame. Perhaps you can take a healthy snack and book with you to enjoy?’

Our nature play ideas cards are playful, creative and provide endless opportunities for imaginative play outdoors.

Simply download, print, cut-out and stick on a popsicle stick and pick one for each day!

Perfect for parents to share time with their child in nature, for children to do alone or for early childhood educators to use as a resource in their rooms.

It comes with 10 double-sided activities with a picture on one side and ideas for play and mindfulness on the other side.

Recommended for ages 2 – 8 years


About the artist

Hayley Black is a meditation & mindfulness teacher and artist with a background in working with vulnerable families, children and young adults. Exploring the uses of mindful art and looking into the benefits of how being out in nature has on of our mental health.

With a passion for nature-based education and sensory play, Hayley creates a nurturing environment where children can just be and enjoy the moment, cultivating a sense of connection to the rhythms of our seasons, land and self. Hayley is a bush playgroup facilitator with Eco Explorers.