Let’s learn all about birds – Bush Kinder Program

We all need to become guardians of the land and there are many ways that you can help look after the planet.

This bush kinder nature learning program has been developed by a team of primary school teachers, early childhood editors and forest school leaders to teach you all about Australian birds, both land and water. 

You will receive:

      • A15 page PDF program that includes an bird mindfulness exercise, bird ID scavenger hunt activity, links to aboriginal perspectives, two Dreaming stories told about birds, a kookaburra song, four craft activities (includes recycled craft) and a bird beak illustration and information printable.
      • 5 printable worksheets
      • Eight videos: a song, two stories, craft, bush learning and meditation 
      • Links to resources and further learning

In this nature play learning resource, we cover the following topics:

      • About birds – bird beaks, how they fly, where they live and what they eat
      • Types of birds
      • Using movement to fly like a bird
      • Dreaming story about a magpie and
      • Nature craft and recyclable art activities that link to the stories and learning materials
      • About Australian native birds and Australian water birds most commonly found in Victoria.

We have made this bush kinder educational program multi-aged so families can use it together and there are activities suitable for both younger children, as well as older ones. Use at home with your children or as part of a remote learning package for your school or centre.

Ages: 2 – 8 years

*Please note: This program is also part of our Little Wild Blossoms 6 week program so if you have done our Wild Blossoms program, then this was included

Australian birds study unit  – nature learning program

**COPYRIGHT: All rights reserved. This file is not to be resold or used for personal profit.

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