Recycled Galah puppet printable – FREE

Galahs are one of Australia’s favourite birds known for their pink and grey coloured feathers and can be seen feeding on seeds on the ground in most parts of Australia.  Galahs are noisy, squawking birds often flocking in large groups to feed. Galah’s pair and nest in tree hollows so they also rely on old forests for breeding and to survive.

We have provided a Galah templatefor you to do print and cut out at home.

Materials: template, glue, scissors, feathers, paint or crayons and pencils.


      1. Cut out the Galah template provided
      2. Decorate it however you want. You might want to paint it pink and grey using paints or with crayons and pencils.
      3. You may decide to stick feathers on it using glue.
      4. You can also stick the template to a piece of cardboard and put it on a stick.
      5. Now using a cardboard box or some kraft/newspaper. Make a hollow tree for your Galah to live in. Just like in the story. You can use a cereal box and the Galah can fly in from the top.
      6. Don’t forget to decorate your hollow by painting it or glueing some bark to it.


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