Australian Animal Track Cards

Have you ever wondered what a platypus footprint looks like or perhaps a wombat? We’ve created a set of 12 Australian animal track cards and matching animals to help you identify Australian animal tracks in the bush and learn about them in the classroom or at home.

Tracking is an exciting way to really slow down and notice the signs animals leave on the ground.  It is like learning to read but even more complex. To decode a message and get the full story of an animal’s journey is so much fun and can be incorporated into learning and storytelling. Animal tracks can tell us many things such as where an animal is heading, how it moves, how long ago it was there and even where it lives. 

These Australian animal tracks footprint printable cards can be used in many different ways, both in the classroom or when out walking in the bush and we’ve put together a 4 page educational learning resource with 10 suggested activities for ways you can use the cards.

This resource has been created by a primary school teacher and the learning activity pack includes the following:

      • 4-page printable worksheet of Australian animals footprints
      • 3-page learning guide and information about each animal (PDF)
      • One page of ideas for activities and learning to use in the classroom or outdoors (PDF)

australian animal tracks footprints printable