Wooden Bug Hotel


Bug Hotel

Insects pollinate flowers and also re-establish the balance in our gardens, by eliminating the insects that are not beneficial.

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A bug hotel, also known as a insect hotel or bug house, is a manmade structure built to provide a shelter/home for insects.

This attractive addition to your garden provides a safe place for solitary native bees and insects to shelter and lay their eggs.

Attracting and keeping beneficial insects in your home garden helps plants pollinate and keeps the number of bad bugs away.

For bees, place it on a wall for the sunlight from the front to the south.

It is designed to be freestanding, mounted on a wall or you can tie to a fence or tree.

***Pre-order now for shipment 14th September


  • Size (approx) 20 x 17 x 7.5cm
  • Made from bamboo and FSC timber