Pocket Zoom Microscope


Pocket Zoom Microscope


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The microscopic world is an amazing treasure that’s hidden right in front of our eyes, and introducing a child to this world of wonder is one of the best ways to encourage scientific exploration, curiosity and foster lifelong interest in science and the outdoors! From the wings of a beetle to the structure of a fallen leaf, there’s no limit to the eye-opening discoveries a kid can make when they have the right tools to observe them. 

Kids are curious by nature, and now your explorer can be a scientist in nature and study their wonderful environment!

With a magnification range of 20x – 40x, this small, durable and portable, pocket zoom microscope with LED lamp provide detailed up close images of objects and larger single-celled organisms.

Includes two blank slides, instruction leaflet and batteries. 

Size: Approx 8 cm high

* The image below shows a salt crystal photographed through the eyepiece