Australian Insects Tiles


Australian Insects Tiles

Make learning fun with our Australian insects wooden tiles for kids!

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Ignite your child’s’ fascination and learning for bugs and insects with this Australian made set of 8 bug tiles. The beautiful images are printed on the outer side of the perspex, giving them a unique 3D effect and great window displays or explore them on a lightbox. Why not take them out into the garden to help discover the real thing with a bug hunt!

The set of 8 Australian insect tiles include the following: Redback Spider, Lady Bug, Praying Mantis, Earth Worm, Honey Bee, Ant, Butterfly and Caterpillar.



These diverse Bug Tiles can be used with an indoor light table, interest table, puzzle tables or display boards.  Children can count the legs and make them into a number activity. How many spots, how many eyes ect.

Group Setting

The Bug Tiles are perfect for group discussions. Educators can read a book about bugs then implement these tiles in the inside environment for children to extend on their learning and vocabulary of bugs.


Have a bug table set up outside and use this as a time to discuss the importance of the role each bug plays in our environment. Children can also take the tiles with them on hunt around the garden looking for real life bugs.

Learning Opportunities

An interest in insects promotes youth to spend more time outdoors. Finding insects is great for developing younger children’s fine motor skills and helps promote discussion and language skills.

This set comes in its own organza drawstring bag.

This is an all Australian Made and Owned product.

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