World Oceans Day FREE Activity printables

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th every year and is a global day of action to protect our oceans for a better future. There’s no better time to bring environmental education into your home, service or classroom than now and and that starts with our younger generation.

Our main goal is to raise awareness to prevent plastic pollution and the destruction of marine life and our important marine habitats. At Eco Explorers Australia, we have a strong commitment to protecting the environment through our programs where we empower children to look after the planet and become custodians of the land.

Our oceans are in deep trouble. Our coasts and seas are overused and under protected. Pollution, global heating, overfishing and industrialisation threaten the future of our amazing oceans and the marine wildlife that inhabit them.

We’ve created some free downloadable Ocean Day printables with pictures of some of the common marine life that you may find in our oceans.

Simply cut out and paste your own Ocean day collage, story or artwork and add your own natural materials for the background. Some ideas are:

      • Use blue paint to paint the sea
      • Glue some sand for the beach
      • Add some green wool for seaweed
      • And anything else you have at home or find outside!

Want to learn more about our marine life? Check out our Australian marine life rockpool discovery ID cards here!

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