FREE Nature Craft Activity Book (download)

This beautiful e-book has been created by Wild Wattle Folk and contains 30 nature craft activities for kids and for you to do with your family at home.

Using natural materials to craft with has so many wonderful benefits. It’s sustainable and provides children (and adults) with a wonderful sensory experience. The textures, the smells and visual appearance, all enhance our senses and natural materials also make us feel calmer and more connected to nature so that’s a bonus. Natural materials are also open-ended and the possibilities for using nature to craft with are endless.

When out gathering loose parts for your nature craft activities, you may notice things that you normally wouldn’t on your walk. make sure you take a basket to collect your treasures and only collect things that have fallen on the ground. If you are using flowers then only take a few and make sure there are plenty left for the bees and butterflies.

Using nature as inspiration for your craft helps you connect to your local environment as you notice the types of trees and leaves that fall, flowers that bloom and gum nuts or seed pods that may fall. Use these moments to create lasting memories and experiences with your family.

Ready to start your nature craft activities? Download this free e-book below!


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