FREE Leaf Scavenger Hunt


There are so many ways to learn about nature using leaves. They come in many shapes and sizes and provide a wonderful opportunity to talk about the seasons and the changes are you observing in nature. Find out what type of trees live in your backyard or neighbourhood and whether they are deciduous or non-deciduous.

Go for a walk and collect a variety of leaves based on the printable below. Look at the colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Now it’s time to have some fun! Below are some ideas of ways to use leaves for creativity and learning;

      • Sort your leaves in piles based on their shape. How many different shapes did you find? Can you count how many you have in each pile?
      • Sort the leaves in piles based on their colour. How many different colours do you have?
      • Order the leaves from the smallest to the biggest or the tallest to the shortest or by colour.
      • Make a leaf rainbow
      • Create a leaf mandala
      • Make a leaf person
      • Write your name using leaves
      • Make different shapes using leaves (square, circle, triangle, hectagon)
      • Draw a leaf
      • Learn about the different parts of a leaf
      • Do a leaf rubbing
      • Thread a leaf necklace
      • Use words to describe the textures, colours and shapes of leaves
      • Measure leaves
      • Use a hole puncher to make nature confetti with leaves

Are you ready to go on a nature leaf scavenger hunt in your backyard? Download yours below.



Kate Rijs is an artist, qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher, Art Teacher and Outdoor Educator who feels that she is at her happiest when she is out in nature. Kate is passionate about creativity and nurturing creativity and imagination in both children and adults. She believes that nature is the best classroom that there is.