Australian Pollinator Scavenger Hunt

Pollinators are animals and insects that carry pollen from one plant to another to enable that plant to reproduce.  There are lots of different pollinators in the natural world. Crawling and flying insects, spiders, birds, small mammals, even the wind are among this group. Australia has some unique pollinators that are attracted to and feed on the native flowering plants we have here.

What types of pollinators can you see in your backyard or local reserve? Can you identify and count them? We’ve created an Australian pollinator scavenger hunt that you can print and do on your nature walks. This printable has been beautifully hand-illustrated by bush playgroup facilitator and artist Kate Rijs.




Kate Rijs is an artist, qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher, Art Teacher and Outdoor Educator who feels that she is at her happiest when she is out in nature. Kate is passionate about creativity and nurturing creativity and imagination in both children and adults. She believes that nature is the best classroom that there is.

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